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The word chakra itself is Sanskrit for wheel or disk.  Ancient cultures believe that there are 7 major energy centers in the body that are represented by these seven energy discs or chakras. Each chakra represents a physical, emotional and spiritual energy field often described as a spinning vortex. These energy centres connect you to the energies of the heavens and the energies of the earth.  The ideal is to have all your chakra centres aligned and balanced so that your energy flows smoothly from the heavens to the earth and from the earth to the heavens.  When these energies are flowing you can access your optimum physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. However if your chakras are not aligned or are out of balance you may experience this through physical, emotional, or spiritual symptoms.

how to identify which chakra is blocked or imbalanced ?

If you are stressed, anxious or depressed focus on - Crown Chakra for calming and connection

If you feel indecisive or lack trust focus on - Third Eye Chakra for better intuition and self trust

If you need to let go of pain and be more expressive focus on - Throat Chakra for more honest communication

If you often have relationship challenges focus on - Heart Chakra for love and compassion

If you are experiencing fear, money or work issues focus on - Solar Plexus Chakra for confidence and abundance

If you are facing new challenges or fertility issues focus on - Sacral Chakr a for creativity and acceptance

If you are feeling vulnerable, ungrounded or experiencing grief focus on - Root Chakra for grounding and stability

If you are feeling scattered or emotionally volatile focus on - Balance ALL Chakras to feel more centred and at peace


finding balance

We suggest a regular yoga or meditation practice to bring awareness and balance to your chakra centres. In addition to a regular practice one can use our crystal designs to help you focus on a particular energy imbalance or blockage.  By bringing awareness to any negative thought patterns, self sabotaging belief systems, or excesses relating to a particular chakra, you can witness and then alter your state. After all, one can not change what one does not know is happening.  By literally witnessing oneself, you can open the door to become far less emotionally embroiled in the particular story, challenge or excess that torments you. Finding alignment by 'balancing' your perception of the situation or emotion can give you the tools to overcome the pain and suffering caused by the 'imbalance'. The more work you do on your chakras the more you may start to see the world and all its challenges as they truly are. . . impermanent.

"there is only one energy that is not impermanent and that is love "  

crown chakra

Chant - AUM
‘ search for enlightenment ’     
Crystals: clear quartz, howlite blue lace agate, amethyst.  

third eye chakra

Chant - OM
‘ trust your intuition ’
Crystals: amethyst, lepidolite, lapis lazuli, labradorite. 

throat chakra

Chant - HUM
‘ express yourself  '
Crystals: amazonite, turquoise, lapis, blue fluorite, chrysoprase.

heart chakra

Chant - YAM
‘ love is infinite ’ 
Crystals: new jade, chrysoprase, ocean jasper, rhodonite, rose quartz, pink talcum.

solar plexus chakra

Chant - RAAM
‘ be abundant and manifest your destiny   
 Crystals : citrine, tigers eye, smoky quartz, yellow jasper, red aventurine.

sacral chakra 

Chant - VAM
‘ change is the constant that ensures growth’ 
Crystals: carnelian, red jasper, red aventurine, moonstone, tiger eye.

root chakra

Chant - LAAM
‘ ground yourself ’ 
Crystals: red jasper, tiger eye, snow flake obsidian, hematite, smoky quartz.

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