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  • A MOONFUL OF INSPIRATION 18th August 2016

    Full Moon In Aquarius.

    August’s full moon is residing in the sign of Aquarius, which has the potential to open us up to possibilities in many aspects of our lives. For us to achieve these possibilities we will need to find and maintain balance in our lives though. 

    The Aquarius sign is an air sign for deep thinkers and can look at both sides of a situation, but Aquarians can also be thought of as a sign of extremes. They can be shy and quiet or eccentric and energetic. They can be timid and self effacing or abrupt and even aggressive in nature. They love helping others, and they have a strong desire for freedom and equality for all. 

    The full moon is a time for things to ripen and energy to rise, and with this Aquarian energy flowing it is a good time to help others and yourself strive towards freedom and equality. For this month, let’s not focus on any one energy centre but instead look towards balance. The balance of the moment, which takes into account all moments.

    In that space we can attempt to see clearly the path towards freedom and equality for all. Whether you are naturally quiet and lost in thought, rambunctious and occasionally abrupt, or anything in between, now is a great time to focus on balancing your energy around your strengths and work towards the greater good. 

    So often when we work towards the greater good in the world, we also work towards the greater good in ourselves, and on the way we find ourselves closer than ever to fulfilling our truest potential. 

    After all we at I Love Chakra do not believe that we were put here to serve only ourselves. We are here for the greater good and hope you can join us on that ride. So break out your balancing crystal laces or bracelets, cleanse them in salt water, and charge them under the full moon because now is the time to focus on your own balance to bring freedom and equanimity to all.

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