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Deluxe Chakra Lariats

Beautifully simple and elegant our signature range of powerful Chakra Lariats are hand made with love in Australia. These gorgeous necklaces quickly become your personal talisman of crystal healing and chakra support, you will feel the difference as soon as you put them on. Our trade mark pebble shaped stones are designed to accentuate your crystal experience.

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" I have 5 now, I cant tell you how much they mean to me. Each one has helped me through a different time of spiritual growth. Thank you I love what you have created here"

Thousands of happy customers use these powerful crystal necklaces to help them transition through difficult times and energetic flux. 

" I put the CHAKRA crystals around my neck and when they fell down over my chest, instantly I felt protected, strong and secure. It was like a secret blanket was protecting my heart. "

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