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Happy Buddha Malas

Introducing our Happy Buddha Malas – the mala that will make you smile inside and out.  We make our malas with lots of love and attention to provide everyday support for each of the seven chakras. We take special care to blend each combination of crystals and their color spectrum perfectly to align with the appropriate chakra center for the highest level of support.

why the happy buddha

We finish off each of our hand made Happy Buddha Malas with a clear quartz happy buddha. Clear quartz acts to cleanse, charge and energise each crystal on your mala. Plus the symbol of Mr Buddha himself brings good fortune and protects you from negative energy. So what better way to finish of a cycle of mala meditation than to give him a little rub on the nose.

Our Happy Buddha Malas help to focus your meditative energies on the chakra centers to remove any blockages in your chakra system so you can be balanced and whole.  For when we are balanced and whole, even the rough spots in life are easy to smile through.  Just like the Happy Buddha.

how to use your mala

Find a peaceful place and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath.  Hold the mala in your hand with the first bead between your thumb and middle finger. 

Bring attention to your mantra. Your mantra can be anything that feels genuine to you and connects you to your center.  Say your mantra once for every stone. 

Here is a list of chakra mantras and their meaning:

Root Chakra  
“ Om Dakini Namaha.”  - Activate stability.
Sacral Chakra 
“ Om Rakini Namah.” - Activate joy.
Solar Plexus Chakra
“ Om Lakini Namah.” - Activate power.
Heart Chakra
“ Om Kakini Namah.”  - Activate love.
Throat Chakra
“ Om Shakini Namah.” - Activate expression.
Third Eye Chakra
“ Om Hakini Namah..” -  Activate intuition.
Crown Chakra
“ Om Katyayani Namah.” - Activate spiritual awareness.

Meditate through the gemstones one by one, saying your mantra once for each stone.  Running through the full cycle of these 108 beautiful crystals will help you focus your attention on balancing your chakras.

When you reach the happy buddha, flip it over, so not to cross the Buddha bead then go back the other way, and continue rolling each bead through your fingers until you finish your meditation.

 suggested mantra

Your mantra can be any words or phrases that feel genuine to you and connects you to spirit.

" Om mani padme hum "

Try this ancient 6 syllabled Sanskrit mantra celebrates sending compassion out into the universe. And what could be better than that :) Enjoy.

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