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Chain necklaces

Explore our collection of chain necklaces

Discover something a little different within this exclusive collection. These designs are a little experimental, so they may not be available long. We would suggest that if something catches your eye, snap it up. 

All these necklaces are simple and light weight, so they are ideal for everyday crystal support.

NEW Surya Sun Dial Necklaces

Our Surya Sun Dial Collection is inspired by the light shining within us all.  Surya is Sanskrit for sun and with these little beauties you too will shine.  Each gem is finely cut and faceted so light can pass through to charge your subtle energy system. As you move the crystal will sparkle and glisten with radiating light impressing and influencing all those around you.

Choose from a selection of AAA grade gem stones that will light up your aura and bring clean energy into your chakra system so that your light can shine through.

Angel Wing Necklace

Beautifully delicate and simple this stunning sterling silver angel wing necklace combines a sterling silver angel wing with a cute little silver bell and an "A" grade 8 mm crystal sphere. This delightful design is a powerful reminder to connect with your angel guides and release any negativity lurking within. Select your favourite stone from the drop down menu.

Chakra Symbols Necklaces

Our Chakra 7 Symbols Collection features a range of 7 different sterling silver charms that represent each of your chakra centres. Each motif is blended with the correct crystal and a silver intention bell to help you bring awareness to a particular chakra centre. These elegant necklaces will help you activate your chakras with feel good vibrations.

Soul Stones Necklaces

Our soul stone collection celebrates the crystal that always draws your attention, makes you feel loved and secure, and calls you home. We don't have to always understand why, Love is rarely logical, we just need to follow our intuition and our hearts. Find your soul stone today and begin your future, together :)  

If you cannot find the stone you want please drop us an email and we will see if we have it in stock. Info@ilovechakra.com

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