Crystal Gratitude Bracelets - Balance & Protection


This unisex rainbow crystal bracelet are designed to bring attention to your emotional equilibrium, reminding you to bring awareness to the moment you are in.

Enjoy wearing these fun and colorful pieces as a prompt to stay present during the highs and lows of lifes' rich emotional experience. 

Each one now comes with our signature sterling silver intention bell. 


25 x 8mm crystal spheres. 
Detachable sterling silver, bell charm.
8 inches long on strong elastic.


Clear Quartz. Moonstone. Howlite. Dark Amethyst. Light Amethyst. Lepidolite. Lapiz. Malachite. Amazonite. Turquoise. Labradorite. New jade. Rose Quartz. Rhodonite. Pink Talcum. Yellow Jasper. Yellow Fluorite. Red Aventurine. Peach Moonstone. Tiger Eye. Carnelian. Sardine Coral. Red Braciated Jasper. Smokey Quartz. Hematite.
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