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Welcome to I Love Chakra

You have found your way to I Love Chakra, and let's just say if you have found us you're probably meant to be here, because we believe that crystals find you. We have one of the largest ranges of stones available and are most famous for our powerful crystal necklaces and bracelets, which can be worn to access and activate chakra healing frequencies. Wearing our crystals can bring a wonderful sense of support and wellbeing into your life especially during challenging times. Don't forget to download your FREE Crystal Meditation, to help you cleanse, charge and programme your crystals before you wear them.

"Thank you so much for my new crystal necklace. I feel like a strong sheild is protecting me when I put them on" "I have 5 now, I cant tell you how much they mean to me. Each one has helped me through a different time of spiritual growth. Thank you I love what you have created here"

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