Crystal Wrap Necklaces

Fall in love with these beautiful, powerful crystal talisman of ritual & wellbeing. They will wrap themselves around you, protect & support you through all life's challenges. 

Gratitude Bracelets

These bespoke crystal bracelets help you to capture the essence of gratitude in each moment. 

Mala Prayer Beads

108 precious crystals spheres that guide you to your very own state of personal bliss, simply find your mantra & begin. 

Crystal Beams

Add tiny light beams of crystal energy to your day, with these delicate, faceted wands of colourful gemstones that exude positive energy & loving vibrations.

Sun Necklaces

Ignite your aura or celebrate your birth with these delicate finely faceted crystal coins. Because you were born of star dust, & your light is reflected in the sun & the moon.  

Angel Wings

Connect with your Angel Guides by wearing these beautiful sterling silver necklaces. Add your favourite birth stone & connect with those special loved ones who guide & protect and watch over you.

Crystals Love You Back

Read Amazing Stories Of How Our Crystals Have Supported People Like You.



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