Crystal Wrap Necklaces

Fall in love with these beautiful, powerful crystal talisman of ritual & wellbeing. They will wrap themselves around you, protect & support you through all life's challenges. 

Gratitude Bracelets

These bespoke crystal bracelets help you to capture the essence of gratitude in each moment. 

Mala Prayer Beads

108 precious crystals spheres that guide you to your very own state of personal bliss, simply find your mantra & begin. 

Suns & Beams

Ignite your inner glow with these cool layering designs.  Mix & match your favourite crystals and shine your light, your way.

Angel Wings

Connect with your Angel Guides by wearing these beautiful sterling silver necklaces. Add your favourite birth stone & connect with those special loved ones who guide & protect and watch over you.

How Our Crystals Love You Back

" My I Love Chakra crystals nourish and protect me. I love that gentle dangle of stones that play touch and go with my belly as I walk about my day. They reassure me they've got me. I value them as gorgeous, gentle and friendly guardians of my body. They come to me particularly right before a momentous shift in my personal life. They spiritually assist me with feeling into my intuition and creativity. Whether the intention is, purchasing a throat chakra necklace for my mother to release her inner truth, caressing my sacral chakra stones before writing some sensual poetry or grasping my solar plexus tiger's eye before getting on a theatre stage, these crystal lariats have helped out through a lot of healing and have helped me gain a lot more harmony in my life. " - Emina