Raise Your Vibration



Personalised Crystal Necklace

We are now specialising in making personalised crystal empowerment necklaces, for individual energy healing. We will design a necklace as unique as you are, with a rare combinations of crystals to balance your energies. This totally unique offering is only available with I Love Chakra.

Includes FREE 20min Chakra Phone Reading

Mala Prayer Beads

108 precious crystals spheres carefully blended to guide you to your very own state of chakra bliss. Simply find your mantra & begin. 

Gratitude Bracelets

Capture the essence of gratitude in each moment with these stackable crystal bracelets. One for each of your chakras, and a rainbow one for total balance. Each one comes with our signature sterling silver intention bell. Ding Ding...

Angel Birthstones

These Beautiful Sterling Silver Birthstone & Angel Wing Necklaces are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, or remember someone special.

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