Raise Your Vibration

Gratitude Bracelets

Capture the essence of gratitude in each moment with these stackable crystal bracelets. One for each of your chakras, and a rainbow one for total balance.

With optional sterling silver ILC Intention Bell.

Crystal Chakra Lariats


There is something quite magical about our signature Chakra Lariats. These much loved crystal necklaces are beautiful, versatile & incredibly powerful.

"I never go out without mine"

Amazing Gift Idea.

Mala Prayer Beads

108 precious crystals spheres carefully blended to guide you to your very own state of chakra bliss. Simply find your mantra & begin. 

Birth Stones

These Beautiful Sterling Silver Birthstone & Angel Wing Necklaces are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, or remember someone special.

Great Gift Idea


We truly thank you for supporting us by ordering our creations during this challenging time.

However we do need to advise you that you may need to be extra patient.

ILC will ship your order as quickly as possible. BUT our postal services are experiencing major delays as they struggle to work on the front line, with limited staff and flight limitations. 

Please know that everyone is doing their best right now. And if you choose to order from us our products they will get to you, eventually.

However, if you cannot wait extended times for your order, it may be better to postpone.

Apologies in advance for any frustration caused by the delays. 

This is yet another shared experience that is teaching us Patience, Trust, Surrender & Acceptance. 

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