About Us

As Pablo Picasso stated: "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."

As a child, I would fill my pockets with the colourful stones from each the countries I would visit and I would hold on to these earthly treasures like energetic souvenirs.

Although my Indian father was a medical doctor, he told me that many members of my family had strong premonitions or psychic visions. And I would always intuitively feel people’s ‘energy’. 

Even though I studied the arts, I spent most of my early twenties working in corporate jobs devoid of soulful nourishment. But after 10 years, I finally broke down, exhausted, alone and utterly lost.

My energy was completely depleted and I did not know which way to turn. 

So turned back to my love of crystals.

I discovered yoga, and learnt about the chakra system. Finally found a language to describe the subtle energy imbalances I would see in people’s aura.

So I connected this new knowledge, my love of crystals, my creativity and my intuitive abilities, and I started making bespoke crystal necklaces for all my friends and their particular energetic imbalances.

Eventually, I found myself at the markets connecting with real women with stories of emotional suffering who had many different energetic imbalances.

I became an expert at reading peoples energies. I would teach each customers about their imbalanced chakra centres and make them personalised crystal necklaces to protect and support them as they focused on restoring more energetic balance and emotional equilibrium into their lives.

I Love Chakra was born.

Over the course of 15 years me and a wondrous team of incredible light workers, have been taken on an incredible journey of energetic transformation, awakenings and healings.

We have literally helped 1000’s of people take their first step towards more energetic balance and emotional equilibrium, all with the help of our beautiful crystals.

To this day I still find absolute wonderment in the textures, colours and energies of natural rocks. And I still absolutely love connecting with my customers and making personalised crystal necklaces to support my special clients.

I still offer you Chakra Healing Sessions with a personalised supportive bespoke crystal necklace. As well as a large collection of beautiful chakra jewellery pieces, uplifting artworks and relaxing meditations.

Please try our cool 5 minute Chakra Quiz to find out which crystals you should wear and why, or explore our range of energy healing pieces made for different kinds of energetic support.

We truly look forward to connecting.

Katie x

PS: If you are lucky enough to find us at one of the many festivals we participate in, including the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Australia and the Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festivals in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, please come and say hi. You'll have a smile on your face by the time you leave. 

Hope we meet you one day

Peace and positivity

Katie and the team :)