About Us

I JUST LOVE ROCKS!  This is me near some of my favourite stones on Tamarama Beach in my hometown of Sydney, Australia. 

When I was a child I would fill my pockets with colourful stones and crystals. I would hold on to these earthly treasures keeping them as energetic souvenirs from all the places I would go.

They made me feel good but I didn't know why

I studied the arts, then travelled the around the world collecting rare beads and crystals from all the countries I would visit, making personalised beaded necklaces for other travellers to help fund my trip. 

When I settled in Australia I got lost in the corporate world and got totally exhausted, stressed and unhappy. After 10 years I returned to my love of stones and came back to the healing energy of the earth.

I started selling my crystal necklaces Paddington Market in Sydney and found I have an uncanny gift for reading peoples emotional energy state. At first it freaked me out but eventually I realised it was an amazing gift. I connected the crystal energy with the chakra energies of my customers and thats when things started to really flow.

Over the course of 15 years me and a wondrous team of incredible light workers, have shared an incredible journey of energetic transformation, awakening and healing with so many amazing men and women.

We have literally helped 1000’s of people take their first step towards more energetic balance and emotional equilibrium, all with the help these beautiful powerful crystals.

( This is some of me and some of my awesome chakra girls who are helping out at The Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Australia )

To this day I still find absolute wonderment in the textures, colours and energies of natural rocks. And I still absolutely love connecting with my customers and making personalised crystal necklaces to support them.

PS: If you are lucky enough to find us at one of the many festivals we participate in, including the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Australia and the Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festivals in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, please come and say hi. You'll have a smile on your face by the time you leave. 


Hope we meet you one day.

In gratitude, 

Katie and the team :)