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Balance Your Chakras

Our chakra balancing designs bring a special kind of energy healing into your life. Each piece is hand made with a rainbow of "A" grade crystals that are blended, in a set order, to support each and every chakra centre and help you feel more centred and present.

Your 7 major chakras allow the movement of energy between heaven and earth to flow freely through your physical, spiritual and emotional body. Finding ways to bring balance into your life is the key to being more grounded, open, abundant, loving, expressive, intuitive and connected.

Ideally your energy flows easily and fluidly from one chakra centre to another so you can feel balanced and aligned.  However sometimes your chakras become blocked or unbalanced.

This is usually caused by some kind of negative experience or excess of emotion that is not released. So it is stored in your body's energetic field, it is here that it begins creating problems.

By simply becoming more aware of your chakras you can better align your energies and return to a state of balance and emotional equilibrium. Balancing your chakras is a great way to help install a more positive and peaceful outlook. 

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