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Chakra Info

The word chakra itself is Sanskrit for wheel or disk.  Ancient cultures believe that there are 7 major energy centers in the body that are represented by these seven energy discs or chakras. Each chakra represents a physical, emotional and spiritual energy field often described as a spinning vortex.

These energy centres connect you to the energies of the heavens and the energies of the earth.  The ideal is to have all your chakra centres aligned and balanced so that your energy flows smoothly from the heavens to the earth and from the earth to the heavens.  

When these energies are flowing you can access your optimum physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. However if your chakras are not aligned or are out of balance you may experience this as physical, emotional, or spiritual suffering.

root chakra
Chant - LAAM 
‘ ground yourself ’  
Crystals: red jasper, tiger eye, snow flake obsidian, hematite, smoky quartz.
If you feel unsupported, vulnerable or suffer from grief, you will benefit from our Root Chakra Collection made with powerful crystals that install a feeling of physical belonging, safety and security.  Allowing you to better connect with the physical world around you, creating more harmony with your environment, and the people around you. 

sacral chakra
Chant - VAM 
‘ change is the constant that ensures growth’  
Crystals: carnelian, red jasper, red aventurine, moonstone, tiger eye.
If you feel stuck, are facing new challenges or fertility issues, you will benefit from our Sacral Chakra Collection made with powerful crystals that bring awareness to the continuous flow of change, growth and expansion. Helping you let go attachment and move into the unknown with excitement not fear.


solar plexus chakra
Chant - RAAM 
‘ be abundant and manifest your destiny  ’  
 Crystals : citrine, tigers eye, smoky quartz, yellow jasper, red aventurine.
If you experience fear, worry, insecurity, have money or work issues you will benefit from our Solar Plexus Chakra Collection made with powerful crystals that encourage self worth and courage. Helping you to manifest your dreams and desires through absolute trust of universal abundance. Relinquishing limitations and worry.

heart chakra
Chant - YAM 
‘ love is infinite ’  
Crystals: new jade, chrysoprase, ocean jasper, rhodonite, rose quartz, pink talcum.
If you have relationship challenges or boundary issues, you will benefit from our Heart Chakra Collection made with powerful crystals that encourage you to feel more connected to humanity and spirit with true compassion. Helping you to keep you heart open to receive and to give love, unconditionally. Encouraging you to feel the power of absolute self love with clear & healthy boundaries. 

throat chakra
Chant - HUM 
‘ express yourself  ' 
Crystals: amazonite, turquoise, lapis, blue fluorite, chrysoprase, blue quartz.
If you need to let go of something, be more honest and expressive, you will benefit from our Throat Chakra Collection. Made with powerful crystals that bring you back into alignment with your authentic self, and allow your to celebrate your uniqueness & individuality. Expressing your truth though creativity, expansiveness and clarity.

third eye chakra
Chant - OM 
‘ trust your intuition ’ 
Crystals: amethyst, lepidolite, lapis lazuli, labradorite.   

If you feel indecisive, confused or lack trust, you will benefit from our Third Eye Chakra Collection made with powerful crystals that help bring more awareness to your sense of intuition, trust and follow your true life path. Connecting you with your subconscious compass and your inner guides.  

crown chakra 
Chant - AUM  
‘ search for enlightenment ’       
Crystals: clear quartz, white quartz, howlite, blue lace agate, amethyst.   
If you feel stressed, anxious, lack connection or often get depressed, you will benefit from our Crown Chakra Collection. Made with powerful crystals that help you calm anxieties and stress, by deepening your connection to spirit. Activating this chakra will help you to reach blissful states of meditation and access the healing energy of God or Creator.   
Our entire product range is designed to help you to feel into and activate your energetic body. By using our designs to bring more awareness to your chakra centres, you will become more conscious, balanced and empowered.  

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