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All customers should receive their goods within 5 to 10 working days. Occasionally there may be delays ( we are all human and so is the postal service )  however we always track our goods so can trace them easily.  If there are long delays or stock issues, we will let you know.



Our online prices are set in US$ but you can set your browser to other currencies.

Note: We buy all our raw gems in US$, so we have to set all our prices in US$ so our prices are aligned.

The price of crystals can vary dramatically from year to year, this is because of the the increasing rarity of the stones. Eg: Citrine has tripled in price over the last 6 months, simply because it is becoming harder to source. We vary our prices accordingly, to be able to deliver you the choice and quality of crystals we are famous for. 

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Would you like to sell our jewelry ? 

We would like you to help us reach out to our crystal & chakra loving tribe.
Please send an email to info@ilovechakra.com and tell us about your practice and include your website details.

And we will get in touch. 

Please share with anyone you feel is a great connection.

wholesaler contact information

Please enquire at info@ilovechakra.com

happy wholesalers

"Thank you so much for the promotion on your FB page!  The poster came out great! We have sold about 20 pieces in less than a week, everyone LOVES them!  I will be getting a reorder together I'm sure very soon.
Thank you for making such wonderful pieces of jewelry with such love that change people's lives.  My client that purchased 2 necklaces this week wore them to a meeting with her boss and walked out with a raise and is convinced it's her new crystals! So are we!" - Regards, Mary
" I have many success stories of our clients and how the crystals have enhanced their lives. I had a client who wanted the "wealth" one and we sold her the solar plexus bracelet and she texted us and told us she has been hitting on lottery tickets everyday. My employee bought the heart chakra and 2 men from her past professed their love for her on the same day after she hadn't seen them in years. I have a psychic client who purchased the 3rd eye mala and lace and she has cancer, she wears them when she doesn't feel well and within an hour she feels fantastic and can work and continue her day. Just yestarday, my client purchased the heart lace, she had her heart closed for many many years and felt it was time to open it. She texted me 4 hours later and told me that "it's happening! amazing! magical!" was her text . Your crystals are changing the lives of so many people, they literally put them on and their whole demeanor changes, their face lights up! I attribute our success to spending the time with them by doing their hair and targeting what they need to work on and then simply educating them as to what they are all about, the display attracts their attention and once they put them on, they are sold. You have to get it on them and then they feel the power. " 

trunk show and chakra workshops

We would love to hold a chakra workshops / trunk show at your yoga school or healing centre. Enquire at info@ilovechakra.com

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general contact


Australian phone: Tel : 00 61 412 746 217 

Honest Repairs And Lessons In Impermanence

We long for the day when we find a thread or elastic that will never break. But unfortunately, the sharp stone edges rolling on thread can cause even the strongest of string to wear down. 

Our string is very good quality, however if your chakra jewelry gets lots of love and attention, it may one day give way.  We just have to take it as a lesson in impermanence. 

The good news is we offer a good as new hand repair service for some of our products. Where possible we will take great care to replace all your crystals, so the positive energy and intention you have put into your crystals remains.

Alternatively we can send you some string or elastic thread if you would like to have a go repairing yourself for just $10.00 plus postage. 

Please choose the repair you need and send us an email we will forward you the address to return your crystals to.  

Mala = $45.00

Lariat Repair = $35.00 

*Send me string or elastic  = $10.00

*We would recommend this option as you get to lovingly rethread your crystal beads. It takes a while but is a really beautiful process to reconnect to your piece in a whole new way.

WARNING: Please keep in mind that when your crystals are repaired they may take on a different energy, as they have travelled and been handled by someone else. We do take great care to cleanse and energise each repair anew, but it may take time to reconnect to the same energy of your stones once they are returned. This is quite normal. 

Note : Our Classic Chakra Lariat Design has proven to be very hardy as the stones are tied in place. This means they can be worn constantly with no wear and tear for many years. Even in water. 

Chains Necklaces And Bracelets 

Unfortunately we do not repair broken chains, but can replace them for a fee. Please avoid wearing metal chain necklaces in water and avoid perfumes and other solvents with plated jewelry. ( vermeils )

" My necklace has arrived and it looks just perfect.  It looks even stronger than it did before so thank you so much for taking the time to fix it for me.  Also thank you for enclosing the information of the stones used in the necklace.  I love reading about them. The way you look after your customers is exceptional."


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